It seems to have more gravity from afar

I feel like I live in a bubble. Bellingham is the last great town that is finally succumbing to greed. When I’m with my backpack or in my van and long ago with my dog, I created an insular world that kept some kind of barrier between me and violence and sadness like what just happened in Vegas. 20 people were also trampled to death here in Mumbai India two days ago.

If you happen to know someone, or know someone that knows someone. Or connect with one of the poor souls you see on TV. Your heart breaks.

Add the madness of the three hurricanes and the Brutish childlike figure in the Whitehouse who has never had a non staged heartfelt empathic response in his life and I just feel devastated inside.

For years we blamed the “other”. You know. The dude that just got here from a faraway land. Or the sometimes mythical terrorist who always seems to be Muslim until you read the paper the next day and someone jumped to a conclusion. WE, the people of the United States have contributed to this shit. We put mental health on the back burner way too much, we make questioning unfettered gun ownership a political battle because some boogeyman is coming for your assault weapons you need to kill deer or zombies or whatever. We make the almighty dollar the benchmark with which we measure our success, our pride, our ego and put that above compassion, not making sure your neighbor is not hurting and your kids have a life where they can grow up to be productive compassionate people. Not Americans. PEOPLE!

We are humans before we are Americans. And we are no better than any other race or culture or religion or creed. And we are failing.

We sometimes force people to play along with this sick race to accumulate as much as possible. Til one day they wake up and find they’ve failed based on our rules we have jammed Down their throats. Or they wake up and realize they have made a mockery of their internal life intentions and ambitions just to grab the brass ring. So they’ve failed twice. Then they snap. And pain is passed all around.

This breaks my heart. Glad I’m going to hang out with the Buddhists. Oh shit. Not the ones in Myanmar! Not Buddhists too!!

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