Mumbai Part 2

So I am leaving for Guwahati in the morning. No offense to Mumbai but it’s not my, um, cup of tea. I was only planning on spending two days here but the part of town I am in (Colaba) is very touristy and small. I am not interested in seeing the show of opulence surrounded by abject poverty. Of course the people are all nice here (except when I visited the famous Taj Majal Palace Hotel for a $10 martini). Man, I thought the Chinese invented selfies!

I finally found some great street food last night. Chicken tikka rolls are my calling! Had the usual inquiries as to whether I wanted a tour, a taxi, hash or cocaine. Normally all from the same person.

It’s a holiday here. I think it’s Ghandi’s bday today. I couldn’t do a tour etc. I am not against them per se. But there is something about an organized tour THROUGH world famous slums that I can’t get my head around. Call me close minded.

I am heading northeast in the morning via plane on my quest to get to the Tawang Valley near Tibet. Then will make my way thru to Bhutan to see my buddy Chhimi from Grad School and finally get a new hat!

Stop raining up there! Doesn’t the monsoon end EXACTLY on Oct 1?

One thought on “Mumbai Part 2

  1. I love hearing about this. Keep the posts coming. I also stayed in Colaba when I was there – I think at a place called Bentley. Yeah – overwhelming city.


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