What am I doing?

I am taking off on a several month adventure back to the Himalayas. A land I love and have visited many times. I will be backpacking and visiting friends along the way. India, Bhutan and Nepal. I was told this is the easiest way to chronicle this and allow folks to see what I see, and, dare I say, how I see it.

The prism with which I will experience these travels is a question I have asked myself for over 25 years. How much is enough? It is a rhetorical question. One that I believe we should all ask ourselves. Constantly. There is only your answer/s. I don’t profess to know them. This chronology is for me, my friends and for thought. Not for money etc.

“How much” relates to money, things, people, resources, hate, love, sex, drugs. Whatever you want to explore. My experience many times is that what we take, own, consume, takes away from others. And what we give, receive, share, gives to each other.

My background is unique.  I have worked in high finance, education, healthcare, economic development, international development, clean energy, and sustainability to a name a few. I come from a pretty simple Midwestern upbringing. But I have lived in many places and countries that gives credence to my ideas. My observations aren’t scientific, but rather intuitive with some experiential leanings.

My opinions may offend some, but don’t take them personally. They are opinions and I will try not to generalize and inject hyberbole. It is my view and other than hate, killing, racism and other negative practices, I think you should make up your own mind and feel free to question me. I don’t have all the answers. Just lots of questions and observations. Read, disregard, question.

I also may just put random shit up here!

Please be patient whilst I figure this out!

4 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. You got this thing figured out already. People will read your posts and then think. Job done. Looking forward to reading and thinking and learning.


  2. This opens a whole new view of the world, which is refreshing, considering the narrow views most Americans are offered. Loving it. Enjoy and take care, look out for Yetis…i hear they bite 😉


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