London stopover

So London was my first big city and my first real out of USA travel stop 23, yes 23 years ago. There was no internet then and strangely I got around better. What has changed? Well me walking around in my white T shirt still had me standing out amongst the goth like garb. Similar to the little girl in the red dress in Schindlers list. No metaphor there. Just obvious. London still is this incredible melting pot like no other. Friendly. Fast. Everyone looks like Conor MacGregor or Jon Snow. Fun to see all skin types with an English accent. Everyone is chasing a life or a nickel or a dream. Shit you need two jobs just to not wear the same outfit everyday it seems. It seems everything is centered around some new way to get fucked up again. Saw a show last night. Portugal. The Man. Great show but bad sound. I think I might have seen three people older than me. Why is Bud Light on tap? Who drinks that shit still? Kids seem bored. Out of touch. Connected to their devices.

I got lost and turned around at least five times today. Using this app and that app. 23 years ago I never got lost as I ASKED people. What a concept. Not a new idea but technology certainly closes people off. It makes you feel unconnected. And I can’t wait to get rid of this phone for a travel book and asking some Indian grandma where the hole in the ground is.

Yesterday I did help a lost Salvadoran find his way to a hotel. Even got to bust out my Spanish.

Lesson learned. Don’t forget to look both ways. They drive on the “wrong” side here.

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