One last trip? Carpe diem?

Is it my last trip? Or is it the fact that I treat every trip as though it will be my last. Faced with declining health a few years ago, I was fearful I was done with venturing out to explore and learn more about the world with my backpack and (sometimes) guitar.

25 years ago I left Cleveland for a ten day trip with friends in Europe. I was hooked. A year later, I left Chicago. Unencumbered, with a few bucks in my pocket, I backpacked around the world for 13 months. Visiting five main countries.

My most recent relationship ended earlier this summer. During the deliberation process I had to decide between a relationship not serving my best interests and the life that I love.

Easy not easy. But it seems easy from this side of that decision now.

I now get to hoist my backpack again, in good health and completely unencumbered, for the first time in 24 years.

I have no job. No relationship. No dog. No grad school. Just some savings, a desire to continue writing my book, getting better at guitar and Spanish and connect with my brother Dave in Spain, my friends Andy and Jo in South Africa, my friend Chris in Argentina, and my friend Michael in Chilean Patagonia. All of that sandwiched between Joe and Jenny and my beautiful goddaughters Elena and Thea in Milwaukee to start the trip, and the incredible Solar Eclipse in Patagonia next July.

My place is sublet. My shit is (getting) packed. And I’m out. Click below for more specifics.

September 20th is liftoff from Bham. Hope to connect before I go. WordPress. Facebook and Instagram if you’re bored. Would love to hear from everybody. T-minus 24 days.

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