I’m a travel snob

I’m leaving for an extended trip to various parts of the world on my list. This will be the second longest trip of my life after a 13 month sojourn starting nearly 24 years ago. Just saying it makes me feel…well, older.

What differences are they are other than being older? That’s a long conversation. But maybe a greater confidence in appreciating what i see. A greater discernment in the traits I see in people. A greater value for kindness I experience. A greater understanding in the importance of how and where you are born and raised and the luxury of that lotto ticket in life.

I certainly have a more distinct understanding of politics, religion, economics and environmentalism. I also play guitar and harmonica.

More or most importantly, is that I’m a travel snob. A minimalist. But I like to push my limits a bit. I’ll spend money to go farther and to be more remote. But mainly to experience a culture more nakedly. Meaning being able to drop into a world that is not contrived or presented to me. It’s hard to find many times. It requires time and a willingness to (sometimes) be uncomfortable. Both physically and socially.

I don’t travel to see the good restaurants or hot spots in the world. Although I do partake at times. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging anyone or putting myself above. I’m just noticing. But it is all relative to each person what that means. It’s just how I roll.

Hard travel when you CAN have a clean bed and a nice meal every once in awhile has that benefit of seeing a spectrum. Holding your feet to the fire knowing you can pull them back. Hopefully before you get burned. (Or get sick). THAT’S my drug. And I’m addicted.

I was sick for nearly two years. Now I’m not. I appreciate it. So I’m going.

After seeing my best friends (and now TWO god daughters) in Milwaukee, I’m meeting my brother Dave in Spain and Portugal for my very first independent travel in a non-English speaking country that is considered Western.

The plan is then Morocco, S Africa and the dream of a lifetime. Kicking around the mountains of Patagonia speaking Spanish and playing guitar.

Every single day will be a gift. How long? See ya when I see ya. But it will be awhile.

I have text and social media to keep in touch.

Para vivir yo necesito experiencias en otras culturas. Tengo suerte!

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